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Ben Fuller

Music has taken my life and made it into something I never would have dreamed; Except I dreamed about it a lot. I grew up in Southern Vermont, on our family dairy farm, where I learned how to work and saw first hand, my father’s passion. I started singing at a young age to pass the time while I worked, and the song never stopped, and somewhere between the farm and college, I picked up a guitar. 

In 2015, I was involved in a beautiful yet devastating drug-fueled relationship which led me to understand better, the other side of the disease. In 2017,  I abruptly lost my best friend to a drug overdose and my entire outlook on life shifted. Motivated to change, I moved to Nashville to pursue my career as a singer/songwriter in late 2018.  I fell face first into my music and a new-found relationship with Jesus led me to begin writing with a burning desire to help individuals who struggle with addiction. Today, my heart continues to fill with stories of loss, hope and love as I travel across our country to sing my story as well as the stories of those who can't.

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